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New Training Programs Offer Job Corps Students a Bright Future

In 2010, Job Corps added new advanced training programs to take advantage of growing green technology industries. Four of these programs, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Thermal System Installer, Smart Meter Technician, Overhead Line Construction, and... Read More

Douglas Branch

Douglas Branch, 24, is a soon-to-be Job Corps graduate from McKinney, Texas. Branch has been at Gary Job Corps Center since July 2009 and will graduate from the HVAC career technical training area this month. He plans to continue his education at ... Read More

Earth Day IS Every Day

Job Corps centers across the country celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with a week of events centered around conservation and sustainability. Students cleaned up parks, conducted energy audits, and even dressed up as Earth-friendly masc... Read More

Job Corps' Green Gadgets

To some, heavy equipment or a driving simulator might appear to be just another everyday training tool. However, these machines impact students and center life by saving energy and money, while keeping students' safety a priority.

For ex... Read More

Sioneesha Fuller

Sioneesha Fuller graduated from Gary Job Corps after completing the Security and Protective Services trade. She acquired a position as a security officer earning $11.00 an hour. She also achieved her goals of purchasing her own vehicle and getting... Read More

Yodit Tesfamichael

Yodit Tesfamichael is a political refugee from Eritrea. Yodit arrived in the United States in 2010 not speaking English. While at Gary Job Corps, she learned English and attained a high school diploma and a Certified Nursing Assistant License. Upo... Read More

Job Corps gave me an affirmation that I could do something with my life.

Judge Sergio A. Gutierrez

Job Corps' motto is "Success Lasts a Lifetime" and nowhere is this more evident than in the story of Idaho Court of Appeals Chief Judge Sergio Gutierrez, who received his GED and studied carpentry at the Wolf Creek Job Corps Center in the early 19... Read More

I will forever be grateful to Job Corps.

Monique Williams Jordan

With a pinch of passion, a sprinkle of creativity and a generous amount of determination, "Chef Moe," Monique Williams, has turned her culinary aspirations into a recipe for success.

Her journey began as a culinary arts student at W... Read More

I will remember every project during my time at job corps because I know it impacted someone.

Troy Carter

Like many Job Corps graduates, Troy Carter began his life in a low-income neighborhood with nothing but a dream of music industry success and a drive to make it happen. After struggling to balance his education with a budding music career, Carter ... Read More

Tomas Acosta

Tomas Acosta enrolled in Gary Job Corps in June 2010. Within five months, Tomas earned his GED, a Texas Driver's License, a and Nursing Assistant Certification. Tomas began attending Texas State Technical College in the fall of 2011. He is current... Read More

Earth Day Every Day Awards Round 2

Congratulations to the second round of Earth Day Every Day Demand-side Management Award winners. Two winners from each Region were chosen for their green efforts in the following areas: energy conservation; water conservation; installation of ener... Read More

Mark Cabrera

Mark Cabrera of Houston, Texas, entered Gary Job Corps in March 2010 and graduated March 2011. Mark relocated to San Marcos, Texas, after acquiring employment as a machinist earning $13.26 an hour and his own apartment. He is proud of reaching his... Read More